California’s Unemployment Rate Decreases

California's Unemployment Rate Decreases

California State Senator, Kevin de León, was just in the news for his comments stating California’s job growth has been faster, compared to the nation. It is no wonder that following these statements, the California Employment Development Department has released data from surveys regarding employment in the state.

The state of California has actually seen a decrease in the unemployment rate. In the month of November, the unemployment rate decreased 5.7 percent, while the United States unemployment rate remained the same, at 5.0 percent. It seems that the state, which has been working since 2010 in job recovery, is seeing great improvement.

Statistical comparisons for unemployment rates

In addition to information about unemployment rates throughout the state, the California EDD also released information regarding nonfarm payroll jobs, which showed an increase by 5,500 during the month of November, leading to a total gain of over 2 million jobs since recovery began in 2010. To really understand this comparison, you have to look at where California was at, in regards to unemployment rates, just one year ago.

In November of 2014, the unemployment rate for the state was 7.2 percent. There was also a 2.6 percent increase from November 2014 to November 2015 when it comes to nonfarm jobs throughout the state. There has been consistent growth, month by month, as California is working hard to keep unemployment rates down, and job placement on the rise.

What areas is the state seeing job development?

Since the state has noticed a rise in the number of Californians becoming employed, it is important to look at what industries have helped with the increase in jobs. November was a great month for adding jobs in certain fields, and actually added a total of 9,800 jobs in a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries include construction, manufacturing, transportation & utilities, educational & health services, and leisure & hospitality services. There was a decline in jobs in other industries. November job loss came from government information & financial services, professional & business services, and mining & logging. The winner for overall yearly employment gain came from the construction industry, which added over 41,000 jobs in 2015.

Those currently unemployed in California

Although the unemployment rate has decreased, there are still  thousands of people unemployed throughout the state. The California EDD also released information regarding those who receive unemployment benefits. There were 355,913 individuals, who received unemployment benefits in the month of November, which is up a little from the month of October, with 334,244 individuals receiving unemployment benefits. Although the state saw an increase month to month, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits is down from November of 2014, when almost 400,000 Californians were receiving unemployment benefits.

It is a great thing that one of the most populous states in the nation is seeing a decrease in unemployment rates and, as a result, are seeing positive job growth. Hopefully 2016 will be another great year for California when it comes to job placement and development for residents throughout the state.