California Takes Tech Firm Away from Florida

A technology company in Florida called Flippbox has returned to Sacramento, California to its main headquarters. The company’s main service is mail management and cloud syncing. Since 2012, the company has made its mark in the Bay Area of California. However, after its focus on Florida to reap the lower business taxes and to partake in the robust economy claim by Governor Rick Scott, the company made the uncertain move. Soon the founders and CEO of Flippbox realized that California was a more profitable place to conduct business as evident in their bottom line. There was too much needed to get their operations off the ground in the state of Florida. It became an uphill battle for the company. Why?

No Duplication

It was very hard for the company to duplicate the level of talent and competence enjoyed at the headquarters in California. The lifestyle and infrastructure was considerably different in Florida as well. The company found out too soon that Florida was unable to offer sufficient light rail. Florida has gone to lengths in the past and now to recruit companies from California. However, California seems to be a better state to succeed in business; at least at a faster rate.

More Profitability

California has been acknowledged as the leader in profitability and innovative advancement. This is an essential consideration for all technology companies to note. California now has more than fifty Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the state; in comparison to Florida, which has only fifteen. When you do the comparison, California has taken first place in the profitability category.

California Pride

California is the state that boasts stock return of 134 percent while Florida only boasts 82 percent. In addition, California offers the most inventive market globally, being responsible for a total of forty percent of the innovative performance in the U.S. economy. The state also has almost ten times the backing in new patents compared to Florida. California is said to provide authentic opportunities for businesses to succeed without the gimmicks. And for that reason, many businesses are moving back to California from other states.

Incomparable Locale

Sacramento, California provides incomparable environment, in addition to a fundamental base to operate with stable economic climate in business and a high quality of life. Over time, businesses enjoy considerable savings when making the transition from another state to California. The move back to California also adds to the value as a shareholder over the long term.

Welcome Back

Flippbox will enjoy all these benefits in the long run. At the new location in Midtown area of Sacramento, Flippbox will be central to the hub of recruitment, acquiring the best and brightest talent from various higher education institutions and bringing them into in the industry. Many in the educational community welcome the return of Flippbox. With its presence, Flippbox will open doors of opportunities for those looking for work in the technology arena. Yes, many technology students are waiting to be a part of this company’s advancement. Florida, indeed, will suffer the loss as California welcomes it.